Did you receive a postcard in the mail?


If it was a “Good Operator Report” then great job!  If it was an “Advisory Notice” then don’t feel upset or embarrassed.  It’s just a friendly tap on the shoulder.  Official observers realize that most of the time Hams are unaware of an issue and are grateful to be informed.  Hams take pride in their hobby and quality of transmissions.  As amateur radio operators, we are fortunate that the FCC allows us to be ‘self-regulating’.  Otherwise, it could be a slap on the wrist instead of a tap on the shoulder.

From the ARRL website:

The Official Observer program has operated for more than a half century. Official Observer appointees have assisted thousands of Amateur Radio operators to maintain their transmitting equipment and comply with operating procedures and regulations. The object of the OO program is to notify amateurs of operating and technical irregularities before they come to the attention of the FCC and to recognize good operating practices. The OO program is, in essence, for the benefit of amateurs who want to be helped. OOs must meet high standards of expertise and experience. It is the job of the OO Coordinator to recruit, supervise and direct the efforts of OOs in the section, and to report their activity monthly to the Section Manager, and Headquarters.

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